15th january 2010
Folks, you certainly noticed that Bubble Islands hasn't been updated since 3 years; I would like to apologize about that, and thank all the players for their support, their interest, their mails and probably their patience.

Of course, I'll keep the game online so you can still enjoy it (after all, Bubble Islands is like one of my personal trophy), but please don't expect upcoming updates.

Working on Bubble Islands was a great experience; developing a game alone from A to Z was challenging but interesting, and I'm really proud of the result. I always wanted to develop an even more complete sequel, but never found the time to do that, despite many ideas, including community-based puzzle levels.

Anyway, long live Bubble Islands!

Alexandre Renevey
"It looks and feels like a Nintendo DS title. It's fun to play and I was impressed by the quality of the user interface. Great job!"
(Independent Games Festival 2007Judge #1)
"An exceptionally well-polished and well-made puzzle game; it plays like a console puzzler, you'd never know it was Flash. The multiple characters are great. You should put this out on Gameboy Advance."
(Independent Games Festival 2007Judge #2)
Bubble Islands is an exciting arcade/puzzle game featuring 10 different and cute characters. Challenge your opponents, connect your bubbles and preserve your island in a series of funny but competitive duels!! Will you be able to get the Isaac Key and open the Olympus Chest?

Click HERE if you want to know more about Bubble Islands!!
The version of Bubble Islands currently available is the version 0.5, which was finalist at the IGF (Independant Games Festival) in 2007! The game is fully playable and contains several different game modes. Also, there are several secret characters to unlock!!

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